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Celebrating the Diversity and Excellence of TWU Alumni Globally

Our History

Every graduate of Texas Woman’s University is a member of the Association. With over 110,000 living alumni, our reach spans the globe. Founded in 1905 by the first ten graduates of the Girls Industrial College, the Pioneer Alumni Association is the original Alumnae Association of Texas Woman’s University. Just like TWU, we have been known by many names over the years.

Originally known as the Alumnae Association of the College of Industrial Arts, in 1971 we became the National Alumnae Association of the Texas Woman’s University and officially incorporated as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, a status we retain to this day. In 2002, just shy of our 100th birthday, we became known as the TWU Former Students Association. Later, in 2016, we partnered with the newly formed and growing office of TWU Alumni Engagement and rebranded as the TWU Alumni Association.

PAA Today

To better serve students and alumni we have returned to our roots as an independent organization, working alongside TWU as their partners in the pursuit of excellence.

Our name may have changed, but our cherished mission lives on!

Our Partnerships

As an all-volunteer organization, the Pioneer Alumni Association established partnerships to assist us with managing the corporation and its assets. In 2021, the Association partnered with HighGround Advisors (HGA) in Dallas, who for almost a century has protected and grown the assets of over 450 nonprofits. HGA is committed to supporting our stewardship of $3M plus in assets.

In 2022, the Association partnered with High Bandwidth, a full-service creative marketing agency in Dallas, who has five TWU alumni on their staff. They guided us with our branding: logo, website development, social media, email communication and newsletter production.


Our Mission

To promote the excellence of Texas Woman’s University and her graduates, to nurture enduring relationships with our diverse alumni population, and to financially support students in need by awarding scholarships.

Our Brand

Our new logo features Old Main, representing our storied history. It, along with our name in a bold and sturdy typeface, is encased in a badge, which represents both the authority our alumni have on TWU and how we will protect our great legacy.


Social Media

111 E. University Drive
Suite # 105-318
Denton, Texas 76209

Our Structure

The Association is a charitable organization governed by four elected Officers and a 15-member Board of Directors. It is our intent to have the Board members reflect the diversity of our alumni base with representation of various…

  • Racial backgrounds
  • Class years
  • Geographic regions
  • Fields of study
  • Classifications – bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral
  • Traditional and non-traditional students

What unites us is our passion for TWU!

The all-volunteer organization is governed by a set of bylaws and organized in committees to accomplish the work of the Board. The Board meets three times a year; once in the Fall semester (October), once in the Spring semester (February) and once in the Summer semester (June). Board members serve a two-year term.

Have a question for the Board?

Fill out the form on our Contact Us page, and one of our Board members will respond shortly.

  • Fundraising
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Membership & Outreach
  • Scholarships


Executive Committee

Lesley Regalado, EdD


Class of 2010

Luis Rendon, MA


Class of 2010

Keithie Graham, MBA, CPA


Class of 2010

Jordana Hudson, MS, MAT, MEd


Class of 2005, 2010, and 2016

Board of Directors

Barbara Rogers, MEd

Class of 1973 and 1978

Jessica Camp, PhD

Class of 2010 and 2023

Nora Sierra, BS

Class of 2003

Shakara Shelton, BS

Class of 2019

Theresa Lam, BS

Class of 2015

Megan Kelso, BSN, RN

Class of 2019

Sophia Talton
Sophia Talton, DM

Class of 1998

Erika Quezada, BS

Class of 2016

Michelle Ayers, BS

Class of 1997

Tamikah Neal, EMBA

Class of 2004 and 2006

Heidi Torres, BBA

Class of 2020

Nicole Rockmore, MBA

Class of 2022 and 2023

Delaney Daly, MLS

Class of 2020

Monica Brooks, BBA

Class of 1996

Our Chapters

The alumni chapters are an extension of the Pioneer Alumni Association.

For over a century, the Association has encouraged and facilitated alumni in organizing to become a chapter. At one point in our history, there were fifty alumni chapters; several chapters are 50 to 75 years old. Most organized geographically, but today our chapters include affiliations based on special interests. We encourage you to contact a chapter and join in the fun. If you do not find one in your geographic area or your area of interest, we can help you start one. Our current chapters are listed below.

Austin Area
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Denton Area

Chelsi Rincones, Chair

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Dallas Area

Alice Swank, President

Fort Worth Area

Lauren Friend, Chair

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Lubbock Area
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Rio Grande Valley Area

Ivery De La Cruz, President

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San Antonio Area

Denise Klapp, Programs/Events Chair

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Southern California
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Dental Hygiene

Brooke Reid, President

Blair Baumann, Treasurer

Angelica Miranda, Secretary

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Helen McCourt, Co-Chair

Georgia Helton, Co-Chair

Houston Health Care Administration
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Parkland/TWU Nurses

Dorothy Blome, President

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TWU Library Science Alumni Network

Kelly Meyer

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Violets & Pearls

Margo Spencer, President

Occupational Therapy Chapter

Felisha Smith, OTR, MOT, Outreach Ambassador

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TWU Black Alumni Association
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Stay in Touch!

Whether you graduated 50 years ago or two, you are one of us and we’d love to keep in touch. Together we are part of an incredible legacy of graduates, standing on each other’s shoulders, supporting one another in all of our endeavors and successes.

So how can we help you?

We can try to find that roommate with whom you lost contact, put you in touch with a local chapter, discuss starting a new scholarship, or even just chat with you about all the amazing things you’ve been up to since graduation. We’re always looking for amazing alumni who have stories to tell.

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