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Announcing the New PAA Honors Series 

For over half a century the Pioneer Alumni Association has been celebrating the excellence of TWU alumni. This year, we’re changing the way we highlight the best of us and are launching a new awards platform called the PAA Honors Series.

To start, the Honors Series will be made up of four awards given throughout the year, highlighting the hard working TWU alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers. 

We’re launching the Honors Series this month with the inaugural Frontline Hero Award, which will recognize alumni who have dedicated their lives to careers that are defined by acts of courage, bravery, and resilience that keeps us healthy and safe every day. 

In September, we’re honoring the women in science who inspire us, in December veterans take center stage, and in May, we salute the best teachers who go above and beyond in their communities. Details about each award and the qualifications for potential applicants will be available soon. 

The awards we’ve given in the past, including the Distinguished Alumni Award, are in good hands with the TWU Office of Alumni Engagement, who share our goal in celebrating TWU excellence.

By refocusing our awards and moving to a year round system we hope to meet alumni where they are at, eliminate any confusion over duplicate awards given out directly by the university, and continue in our ongoing mission to showcase the amazing people who are true Pioneers.

If you know a TWU alumni who is a deserving frontline worker, please nominate them here. Any healthcare support workers, law enforcement agents, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and any medical service employees are eligible. 

Nominations will close July 19 and a winner will be announced July 27. If you have any questions you can reach us at